Differences between augmented reality and virtual reality

Differences between augmented reality and virtual reality

For a lot of people augmented reality and virtual reality are pretty much the same thing. However, these technologies are quite different to one another, even if they do have some similarities. Which does bring the question, what are the main differences between virtual reality and augmented reality? Which is the ideal one for you?

What is AR?

Augmented reality is focused on the idea of helping you interact with the real world, while adding in some extra, digital layers. These are great because you can have unique interfaces, you might even use digital elements in real world. It can be a great branding tool and also a gaming tool too. What augmented reality does is it helps add to the real life experience of the user. So you are still interacting with the real world, but you have some extra features in order to make the experience and process more engaging and empowering.

What is VR?

VR takes things a step further. Instead of interacting with the real world, you get to enter a computer-generated simulation of a different world. That means VR is a lot more focused on bringing you to an alternate world and that can be extremely different and even more immersive than AR. However, since you are entering an entirely different world, you do need specialized equipment. While AR will just be ok with a specialized headset or glasses, in this case you need to be hooked to a computer, you need a VR headset, gloves, sensors and so on.

The main differences between AR and VR

As we mentioned above, AR is using the real-world setting, while VR is creating its own world, everything is virtual here. In the case of VR, users are controlled by the system, but in AR you have control over your actions and what you can do. While AR can be accessed via a phone, with VR you do need a dedicated headset. AR brings a combination between the real and virtual world, while VR is only functioning within a fictional reality.

Sure, augmented reality and virtual reality have their own common points, but they also have quite a lot of differences. That’s why it’s very important to not only understand what AR and VR do, but also identify their rightful use. VR is great for simulations, gaming, training, whereas AR can be used for pretty much anything, and it covers a larger number of industries. However, they are both very useful, although they have different ways to interact with the user!

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